How Many Guinea Pigs Should I Buy?

Before going to buy your new pets you will need to know a number of things about them, including how many you want to get. It is best to get more than one because in the wild guinea pigs would be around others as they live in herds of around 10 individuals. These herds would be made up of one male, lots of females, and the baby guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs will prefer to be with others and live with companions. Not only does it stop them from becoming as easily bored, but it is also better for the animals’ welfare.

Generally, females will get on with other females very well. There may be more of a problem with males living with males as in the wild, you’d only have one male in a herd. It is best to get a pair or a group of guinea pigs from the same litter, as they are more likely to get on with each other.

Of course every now and again you will come across a very unsocial guinea pig, but just because your guinea pig doesn’t want to live with others, it doesn’t mean it wants to be completely on its own. Some guinea pigs simply may not want to share their sleeping quarters with other cavies, but will be happy to have ‘floor-time’ with them.

It is best to get guinea pigs of roughly the same temperament, e.g. two quiet pigs, as bullying is less likely to occur from one of them. Don’t be alarmed if you see one of your guinea pigs taking charge as they are simply taking the role of ‘leader’ as in the wild. Of course if you see them fighting they should be separated to avoid any injuries.

However many guinea pigs you get you will need to be able to look after them properly. The hutch you get needs to be able to accommodate the number of guinea pigs you are getting. There is nothing worse than have loads of guinea pigs crammed into a tiny hutch – it is simply not fair on the animals.

If you get long hair breeds you will need to be able to allocate time each day to untangling their fur. Even if your guinea pig is short-haired it will still need regular brushing. The more guinea pigs you have the longer it’s going to take to care for them properly, and you want your guinea pigs to be happy, healthy pigs, don’t you?

The number of guinea pigs you get will also determine the amount of food they eat and how often their hutch will need cleaning. Bear all this in mind when you go out to choose your piggies, as you will need to financially be able to look after them as well!

So, when you go to the pet shop, you’ll need to know how many guinea pigs you would like to get, and which gender.


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