How To Take Care Of A Guinea Pig

Taking Care Of Your Guinea Pig’s Needs

Taking correct care of your guinea pig is very important. Because your guinea pig can’t sort out its food or clean its hutch it is vital you cater to all its needs to keep your guinea pig happy and healthy.

It is easier if you get into a daily care routine, and you follow this routine each day.

guinea pigs eatingEach day your guinea pigs should be given fresh dried food, grass, hay and fresh clean water. At least twice a week you should provide your guinea pigs with fruits or vegetables.

You should also check your guinea pigs’ health each day. As you get to know your guinea pig you will soon begin to recognise any behaviour that is out of the ordinary. If you suspect one or more of your guinea pigs is ill, contact a vet immediately. Remember as guinea pigs in the wild are prey for many animals, they tend to hide any signs of being ill, as they don’t want to appear vulnerable to predators.

If your guinea pig is a long hair breed
you should groom them every day to get rid of any tangles that may have formed on their coat. If this is not done regularly then the tangles may have to be shaven off by a vet. In one of the worst cases, faeces can get stuck in the tangles and over time form an abcess which can be quite painful for the guinea pig.

Even if your guinea pig is a short hair breed
you will still need to check for any tangles.

Take time stroking your guinea pig each day. Feel the skin for any abnormal lumps that may have formed. If you are worried about your pet check a vet’s advice.

Your guinea pig’s hutch or cage should ideally be cleaned out at least once a week. By doing it regularly you are limiting the risk of your guinea pig getting diseases from poor living conditions and bad hygiene.

One of the most common diseases guinea pigs can get is scurvy, this is caused by a lack of Vitamin C in your cavy’s diet. Always check that the food you feed your guinea pig is high in Vitamin C. For this reason do not feed food designed for rabbits or other animals.

Toys are good ways to keep your guinea pig entertained and to stop them getting bored. You can buy guinea pig toys from many pet shops.

It is ideal for your guinea pig to have a companion guinea pig, preferably one from the same litter, or one that they know. If your guinea pigs will be living in the same hutch, it is best to get them at the same time; this will avoid any territorial issues, although you will still get a ‘leader’ guinea pig.

Your guinea pig(s) should have a run or play-pen available to them that is in a safe environment. This can be outside, in a shed that is especially for them, or in your house provided it is safe with no electronic cables lying around. If your guinea pig is let out into your house it should never be left unattended.

Why not get some cardboard tubes (not too narrow!) for your guinea pigs to play with when they are let out for ‘floor time’?

Take time to get to know your guinea pigs!

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