What Do Guinea Pigs Eat? Guinea Pigs Food

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat? Guinea Pigs Food and Feeding

Guinea pigs eat a wide variety of foods. However the most important foods for your guinea pigs to eat are those high in Vitamin C. A lack of Vitamin C in guinea pigs’ food can result in scurvy, and this can sometimes be fatal.

Dried Food

When understanding what do guinea pigs eat you will need to know that your guinea pig will eat at least one portion of dried food each day. This needs to be dried food specially mixed for guinea pigs and sold in a pet shop specifically as guinea pigs food.

Dutch Guinea Pig CloseupCan Guinea Pigs Eat Fruits and Vegetables Too?

Absolutely, they are an important part of a guinea pig’s food! Your guinea pigs will still need to have vegetables and fruits as well as their dried food, to provide other essential vitamins. Vegetables should be given about 3-6 times a week, though not in excessive amounts. Some guinea pig owners get into a routine of feeding guinea pigs vegetables and grass in the morning, and then dried food and hay in the evening.

In Terms of Fruit and Vegetables, What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Below is a list of fruit and veg that your guinea pigs can eat:



Please note: This is not a full list as there are some other vegetables guinea pigs may be able to eat too.

Remember to feed your guinea pig plenty of variety! It is better to feed more vegetables than fruits, as fruits are higher in sugar, and avoid too much lettuce.

What Else Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Grass and Hay

It is very important that your guinea pig has access to grass daily. Remember that in the wild, grass is a guinea pig’s food for most of the day as cavies are grazers, so it is important that they get it.

Guinea Pig FeedingDo Guinea Pigs Eat Wet Grass?

They will, but If the grass is wet, then it is not a good idea to give your guinea pigs as much grass as you normally would, as sometimes a lot of wet grass can give guinea pigs stomach ache.

Hay is often thought of as an alternative option to grass for guinea pigs, however in my opinion both should be given. Often in winter, it is easier to give hay.

Hay and/or grass should always be given freely, with no limit, as should water.

What Do Guinea Pigs Drink?

Providing Water

Your guinea pigs should always have access to fresh water, either in a bowl or a bottle.

If it is hot weather, do not give very cold water as it can upset their system. Instead draw the water and wait for it to change naturally to the surrounding air temperature, before giving it to them. For more tips on providing water read our free mini-course.

What Do Guinea Pigs Not Eat?

Buttercup, ragwort, foxglove and bindweed are poisonous to your guinea pig. And of course there are several other poisonous plants to be avoided. Remember if in doubt as to whether a plant is safe for your guinea pig, don’t give it.


guinea-pig-iconThere is a lot more to discover about guinea pigs food and care than there is space for here:

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