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Guinea Pigs as Pets Have Many Advantages

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White Guinea PigWhat Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pigs as pets make great subjects, but you do need to know how to care for them properly. For example, do you know what guinea pigs eat and what they can’t eat? And do you know whether your cavies (guinea pigs) should be kept indoors or out? You will find the information you need here at — for a full list of vegetables and fruits that are ‘cavies-safe’ check out our what do guinea pigs eat page.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak?

Does your guinea pig squeak a lot? Do you want to find out what it’s trying to tell you? Read our article on guinea pig sounds. We also have pages on finding perfect names for pet guinea pigs. So, what could be better if you’ve just got new piggies? Visit our sections on baby guinea pigs and guinea pig pictures too!

Guinea Pig Cages or Hutches

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to clean out your cavy’s hutch or cage properly. Remember that they should be cleaned out at least once a week! This helps to keep them happy and healthy, and isn’t at all difficult.

guinea pig factsSome Guinea Pig Facts

  • Guinea pigs range in colour from white to a reddish colour through to black. There are also many guinea pigs that are multi-coloured. To find out more information visit our cavy colours page.
  • Different types of guinea pigs as pets have different colour patterns too. For example Dutch forms will have a coloured head, with a white stripe getting wider the further it goes down the face; a band of white going round the back and tummy, and then a coloured rump.
  • Although they are called ‘pigs’, cavies are not related to pigs. They are members of the rodent family.
  • Guinea pigs come from the Andes mountains in South America, not from Guinea.
  • Guinea pigs do not exist naturally in the wild, as they are domesticated descendents of several related species.
  • The German name for them is ‘little sea pig’, while in France they are ‘Indian pigs’. In Spanish they are ‘little rabbits of India’, and in China they are ‘Holland pigs’.
  • In England, Edward Topsell in his book ‘The History of Four-Footed Beasts’ (1607) referred to them as ‘pig coneys’ (pig-rabbits) but half a century later they had become ‘Ginny-pigs’ in William Harvey’s work of 1663.
  • As pets, guinea pigs are highly suitable as they have a docile nature, are responsive to handling and relatively easy to care for.

Here at we aim to help you keep your pet guinea pigs happy and healthy. Have a look at our pages on how to avoid guinea pig illnesses, for example.

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