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Introducing Brontë and Luna!

So, it’s been a long while since I’ve updated Guinea Pig Land, and I wanted to let you know about my new guinea pigs, Brontë and Luna!

I got these piglets to keep my older girl, Ollee, company, as she’s been a little lonely since her sister passed away–though she’s had the company of my rabbit (they live in the same shed, but in separate hutches). Often, it’s not advisable to let rabbits and guinea pigs play together as rabbits can often bully and intimidate cavies, but my rabbit Sidney is extremely gentle and I definitely think Ollee benefitted from having him about–the two often groom each other. Of course, Sidney does have time to run around on his own each day as well, allowing him to use up the bulk of his energy where there’s no risk of him inadvertently kicking Ollee.

But, of course, given that guinea pigs are social animals and need constant companionship, getting two new piglets seemed like a good idea. And they are very cute!

So, here we have Brontë and Luna, pictured at ten weeks old.

The piglets are now eleven weeks old, and they’re very confident. They’re also VERY lively! Take a look at this video below–that’s Luna jumping back and forth!

Excited piggies! #guineapig #guineapigs #guineapigsofinstagram

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So, yesterday they not only ran around the shed themselves–investigating the other hutches and the hay and toys in the morning–but in the afternoon, they met Ollee for the first time and ran around with her on the shed floor! For the last week or so, they’ve been aware of Ollee as when I’ve held them on my lap, Ollee has often been sitting in the shed or running around. Once a twice, when the babies were in their hutch, Ollee went over to the wire to sniff them, and I’ve heard a lot of squeaking between the three of them.

As always, introducing any new guinea pigs to older piggies can be a worry, but females do generally all get on. The first actual meeting though is very important, and my mother and I were both there ready to intervene. Luckily, we didn’t need to!

We let the piglets run around on the shed floor first and gave them some carrot peelings to eat, and then we let Ollee out to join them. Ollee was a little wary at first, but then she dived right in (though unfortunately, not into the carrots as she’s still not eating by herself; she’s had ongoing dental issues for a while now). Introducing piggies in a neutral place is best as they can get territorial at times, and so the shed floor worked really well. When things were going well, we opened up both their hutches, and then Luna and Ollee went into the piglets’ hutch–and Brontë soon joined them!

Below is a photo of Luna and Ollee in the hutch together, with Brontë going over to investigate what’s going on!

Introducing Ollee to Luna and Brontë! #guineapig #guineapigs #guineapigsofinstagram #cavies #pets

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I was really happy to see the three of them getting on really well, especially when Ollee hasn’t been very well recently. For some reason, she’s had a lot of dental problems and the vets are unsure why. Since her last dental she hasn’t eaten on her own, but she is hungry. We’ve been feeding her multiple times a day with recovery food, and soaked Burgess food that we’ve made into a paste. Now she seems to look forward to having the syringe and she holds it in her mouth herself once we give it to her. We’re hoping that very soon she’ll start eating on her own again and we’ve been trying to tempt her with her favourite veggies!

The three piggies were chattering together a lot when they were out and following each other around. And this morning the piglets came out for floor time first and they were calling to Ollee, so I opened up her hutch too–and I’ve never seen Ollee come out so quickly!

This morning, I also had my rabbit out with them too. I kept a close eye on him, but the change in Sidney’s behaviour was remarkable! He was extremely gentle and slow-moving when the piglets were out, and he even started grooming Luna. They only had a short run around together this morning, as I didn’t want to overwhelm the babies (though I am genuinely surprised by how confident Brontë and Luna are). When the babies were back in their hutch, and Ollee was on my mum’s lap waiting to be fed (we’re having to syringe feed her at the moment), Sidney then started running around very fast and leaping about like he usually does, once the piggies were all safe. I was very pleased with him! And extremely pleased that the four of them get along so well!

The plan is in a couple of weeks to move Ollee, Brontë, and Luna in together, so long as everything’s going well between them all. I’ll wait until the babies are a bit bigger first–though Luna is already nearly twice the size of Brontë! Still, Brontë has grown in the last week too–Luna just seems to be a bigger guinea pig. And interestingly, out of the two of them Brontë is definitely the more confident one, the leader.