Can Guinea Pigs Live With Rabbits?

Is it safe to keep guinea pigs with Rabbits?

Well the answer to this question will be different for each individual guinea pig and rabbit concerned. Most people tend to say that it is not advisable to keep these two species together as the rabbit may show dominating behaviour towards the guinea pig. However, there are some rabbits and guinea pigs that get on perfectly fine with each other; this is most likely to be because they have been together from a young age.

A lot of pet shops actually keep rabbits and guinea pigs together in the same cage; however most of these animals will tend to be at a young age, and so may not have got to the age where they develop aggression towards the other.  A lot of people who keep guinea pigs and rabbits together from a young age may find that as the animals mature, the rabbit, (although sometimes it is the guinea pig) will turn on the other animal and become territorial. The same thing can happen with two young male rabbits who are brothers.

The obvious possible problem with keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together is the rabbit being territorial and showing aggressive behaviour towards the guinea pig.  Male rabbits especially tend to have short bouts of temper every now and again in which they kick out at another animal. A well-aimed kick from the rabbit could be fatal, or seriously injure the guinea pig. Rabbits can also be quite energetic and are easily excited, resulting in playful jumps, in which they could accidentally kick the guinea pig. A rabbit may also be ‘hogging’ the food to show its domination over the guinea pig and trying to control it.

Photo648-150x150Another problem with keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together in the same hutch or cage is that they eat different foods. If a guinea pig is fed rabbit food it could result in scurvy as guinea pig food needs to have extra vitamin C in than rabbit food does. If both animals are fed guinea pig food, you may find that the rabbit refuses to eat this food, and will only eat the food especially made for him or her.

You will undoubtedly find some guinea pigs and rabbits who get on perfectly fine together, although this cannot always be guaranteed.

The best way and safest way to keep rabbits and guinea pigs together is to have them in separate hutches, one for each species. As guinea pigs especially, especially don’t like to live on their own, it would be best to have a pair. It is unadvisable to keep 2 bucks (male rabbits) together as this could result in fights, although not always. You could let the rabbits and guinea pigs out in a run or play pen at the same time provided they get on and that you are supervising them.

Although it is more expensive to keep the animals in different hutches, as you’ll have to buy twice the amount of everything, you want to give the best care for guinea pigs that you can provide, don’t you?

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