Introducing New Guinea Pigs To Other Cavies

You may want to get another guinea pig to add to your existing ‘herd’; if this is the case you will need to know how to introduce them.

Introducing new Guinea Pigs to Other Guinea Pigs

There are several successful ways to introduce new guinea pigs to guinea pigs you already have.

One of the best ways to introduce new guinea pigs to each other is to have them in separate cages, that are fairly near each other, for a couple of days, so they can smell each other near them and get used to having a new guinea pig around.

Next let them out together after about a week of being near each other. It is important not to leave this step too late because if you have a group of new guinea pigs, the longer they have had to establish themselves, the more likely it is that the leader of the new guinea pigs will try to challenge the existing leader, which could lead to fights.

When you let them meet each other properly do so under supervised conditions. The more times you put them together, the longer they should be in with each other, until you can leave them overnight in the same cage or hutch if you want to. You may find that one of the older guinea pigs will take the role as ‘top leader’ and will try to boss the others around a little. This is perfectly normal behavoir for a herd in the wild.

When guinea pigs first meet each other they will sniff each other to familiarize themselves with the other’s scent, as this video below shows.

What to do if Guinea Pigs Start to fight

There is a possible risk of the guinea pigs fighting. The best thing to do if this happens is to drop a towel or blanket on top of the fighting guinea pigs. This will usually stop them. Then taking great care, slip one hand underneath and remove one of the guinea pigs. It is best to keep these guinea pigs apart and then reintroduce them later whilst they are being carefully supervised.

If this still doesn’t work, you may find that giving both the guinea pigs a bath at the same time, helps them to get on better. This way it will get rid of their individual smells and make them smell like each other. This should prevent them from fighting.

You may find that you have a couple of guinea pigs that just don’t get on, no matter what you do. If this is the case it is probably best to keep these cavies apart.

Guinea Pigs And Rabbits

Although it is not advisable to keep guinea pigs and rabbits together in the same hutch, you may find that some get on perfectly fine with each other. Just remember not to house them together as the rabbit may show dominance over the guinea pig.

However many guinea pigs you get you should check that you have adequate accomodation for them and can care for all their needs e.g feeding them, cleaning out hutches and so on.

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2 Responses “Introducing New Guinea Pigs To Other Cavies”

  1. przewoz osob holandia says:

    I really like this cms. I use the same blog cms in 4 blogs of my network.

  2. Hammy says:

    I introduced a guinea pig to my two females about a year ago. It was my first time and very stressful, but today all three cavies are getting along just fine!

    Just use caution when you are introducing and pay attention to their sounds and body language – generally they can work out their differences in no time. wHeEkK!! – Hammy from

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